My Simple Secrets to Fitness

56ac91f07f94bI have been following very simple and easy steps to fitness which have been effective through the years. The system won’t give you muscle bulk fit for Mr. Universe tilts, but you’d be simply fit and healthy.

And since it’s for simple fitness, the workouts are easy to do.

But no physical workout can work for you, no matter how effective or simple, if you don’t commit to do it regularly. So this e-book explains the importance of persistence and some tips on it.

The e-book is ideal for beginners, the young, the middle aged, or those recovering from illness like I did (but which you need to consult your medical doctor about before you do it).

To buy, simply look for “My Simple Secrets to Fitness” on LINKS found on the sidebar of this blog. Click on it to get to my Paypal where you make the payment of only P200. After paying, Paypal will take you to the Expert Builder Blog for the downloadable e-book in PDF form.

If you don’t have Paypal, simply make a deposit to our bank account. Email me at to get instructions.

IMPORTANT: Please title your email with the name of the e-book.