Choy S. Gaerlan

No kidding. Blogging is breathing to me. When I need some breathing space, I blog. How many times does a person need to breathe in a day? That’s also how often I need to blog. But I write articles a portion at a time. So, it takes a long time before I finish some articles. Don’t they say that long, deep breathing is healthy?

I’ve been writing since I was a kid, even when my grammar back then was the pits. I flunked my English and Reading subjects (I’m still a slow reader) and took remedial classes for them, along with Social Studies and Math. I wrote a lot of poems and essays and fictions (how I wish I had kept them all—well, my dad did but in my fascination I showed them to friends when I was in college and they all got lost šŸ˜€ ).

I also drew a lot of cartoons and did some painting and photography.

Later, in college, I started writing to newspaper editors and got some of my letters published. I also contributed an article in a magazine in the USĀ and then wrote a lot of articles for various newspapers as a professional news feature writer forĀ the Associated Editors (AE) when I was a college dropout.

With AE, I did lots of write-ups on world and Asian economies, world and national politics, business and finance, the environment, climate change and agriculture. Then one day I heard about the InternetĀ and websites and blogs. I started blogging—that was back in 2000 when everything done online was a struggle to me, even merely clicking on buttons was a major achievement.

What I love about blogs is their free, light and easy nature as against the rigid tones of traditional newspapers and websites where I am not allowed to say “I,” “you,” “we” and so on. I so hate too much formalities.

So, I want to collect all these memories, plus the ones that I keep creating on a daily basis, and share them all on this blog. I hope my sons, grand kids and posterity would see them and get something beneficial.


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