How We Turn Laundry Day into a Romantic Date–and Look Forward to It

Reader’s Digest

Saturday mornings are often laundry times for me and my wife. After I teach Filipino martial arts at the plaza early in the morning, the wife and I proceed to our laundry “date.” Yup, we have made it into a date—you know, a sweet time together with the one you love and you build your dreams and see them complete with some help from your imaginations combined together. If you haven’t turned laundry day into a romantic date, you’re missing 3/4 of your marriage.

After sorting out dirty clothes, we go to the grocery store for laundry detergent, snacks and drinks. Then we rent a tricycle and proceed to the laundry shop 3 corners away from us where we dump the clothes into the machines. And then we start our romantic talks while slowly munching our snacks, gazing at each other’s eyes and laughing like young teenagers in love, while our clothes violently roll up and down inside the huge washing machines. It takes about 40 minutes to wash them.

We may decide to go somewhere else while the clothes are being washed. One time we decided to walk the length of the road where the laundry shop was located—along Road 20. We talked about life and what we planned to do with the two old, rusted refs that were just using up space in our garage. Should we sell them now at a junk shop or should we wait till stock market prices go up? We decided to sell now even if prices were low—at the junk shop—and gave them our address so they could pick them up.  Then we went back to the laundry shop.

And then we decided to have lunch. There was this side-street local eatery or carenderia just adjacent to the laundry shop so we tried the food dishes there. I tried the chicken tinola, sauteed banana heart and adobong kambing while my wife tried the sinigang na bangus. Of course we shared everything, for richer or poorer, so help us God, and the food proved to be okay, except the sauteed banana heart which was a bit too salty (the adobo was too bony). So I had the banana heart dish packed for a take-home.

Finally, it was time for drying the clothes, and that took a long while, too. So we sat very close together while watching programs on the flat TV displayed for customers, and we started eating our munchy snacks again. At other times we dozed off together at the table for an afternoon nap. There was a time when it rained so hard and we watched people and vehicles hurrying along the patch of Road 20 visible to us from the shop. Sometimes there was traffic and we watched the stressful faces of the occupants inside the vehicles. Well, sometimes they were laughing.

Most times we would just stare at the road and the things that crossed there while telling each other all sorts of stories, having our minds and imaginations traveling far, far away—sometimes halfway across the globe, sometimes to other dimensions—and then we either laughed or sadly reflected. To me and my wife, any time we are together is a romantic date. Times and places don’t mean a thing. Well, better if we are in some posh resort or hotel—somewhere in El Nido, for instance—but it’s really totally unnecessary. I and my wife have been like this for decades. Any time and place we are together is sweet and special time. Lots of neighbors comment how we look like young teenagers still newly falling in love.

After drying the clothes, we folded and sorted them out. We took them home in a tricycle and our boys were waiting at the porch to carry the huge bundles of clothes in the room. We found ice-cold drinks and snacks served, and sometimes they also prepared meals or cooked rice and have done the dishes. Sometimes we take them along to the laundry shop but they just spoil our romantic date. So they’re better off at home preparing things.

So you see, we often look forward to laundry day. You should try it sometime.

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