I’m a Shadow

Image from Pinterest

I’m a shadow, a part of everything and involved with everyone and yet remaining on the sides or at the back, outside the limelight, almost unseen or unnoticed. I’m often just lurking in the background or dimly lit corners. If I’m cast in front of people, they step on me.

As long as there’s light, I’m visible. I’m never useful in the dark though I can be deadly there, too. The Creator destined me to function where there’s light but I can be lurking ominously in dark corners as well. The irony of it all is that, I’m harmless and amiable despite my looks.

Shadows often just keep mum about things, because we are so seldom heard. We have voices, but they seldom come into use. Shadows are more patient listeners than talkers though they are often deemed good “conversationalists.” This is mainly due to their listening skills.

Shadows also talk once in a while, but they are seldom taken seriously, mainly because shadows look empty. They’re perceived as blank, nada or nothing, zero, negative or useless. But then people find them very effective protection from the scorching sun especially at noon when shadows are rare and few and far in between and the sun is at its cruelest. Then they suddenly remember us shadows and look for us.

But I have come to like it being a shadow. At least, people can easily lose me in the dark, especially when they themselves create that darkness. I can use that darkness to hide in, using it against them but remaining unseen and unnoticed, and then I can disappear in the distance for good. I mean, people fall into the very trap they have set for you, and then you can leave them and keep them there without them knowing anything about it all—since you are inconsequential to them. A nobody.

I can easily recognize a fellow shadow, especially one of the same mold as I am. For not all shadows are created the same. I belong to the quiet shadows—those who have grown acquainted with their world, accepted it and turned it into a fortress than a prison. But there are the noisy shadows—those in denial that they are shadows and keep proving to all and sundry that they are not shadows. They make a lot of noise doing so.

And I just wonder—when are they going to see that everything and everyone in the present are but a shadow of the realities to come? I mean it’s obvious. Can’t they see it? We are all shadows.


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