How Watching Senate Hearings Can Improve Your Health

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You probably wondered how Senate hearings could improve your health and clicked on the link I posted on FB. And I’m serious—Senate hearings can do wonders for your health—if you know how to watch them.

If you’re smart, you can turn things around and make stressful things you watch on TV become beneficial for your overall health—physical, emotional, social, mental, financial and even spiritual health. Don’t just stare at the idiot box and allow it to do things to you. Make it do things for you.

Be in control.

So, what I do is eat healthy snacks. Oh, it’s so nice to eat snacks while watching exciting and entertaining shows, like detective stories, adventure, zombies and Senate hearings. Only this time, I don’t opt for junk food. I choose healthy snacks like 3 bananas, avocado in yogurt, pineapples and a tall glass of ice-cold fresh guyavano juice.

Or, you can have a large (and I mean king-size) real tuna sandwich with lots of lettuce, onions, tomatoes and home-made mayo. Or hot pandesal (Manila traditional bread) with egg and mayo. Then I’d wash all that down with fresh and cold buko juice.

Then, I’d watch the developments in the hearings, study them carefully, but not get involved personally. Stay out of politics—I mean don’t argue with anyone. You may post your say on Facebook, make it funny and amusing, but take nothing seriously. No one in politics is worth fighting for. So I don’t fight for this or that political figure. I just watch, learn and enjoy. This way, you get a healthy mind (you analyze), emotion (you enjoy) and social life (you don’t argue).

Well, being our elected president, I support Duterte (because the bible says so), but I’m not his fan. I won’t post how “I love Dutterte!” on FB. If Duterte starts making trouble, I’d be the first to criticize him. How about the extrajudicial killings being blamed on him? Well, the case is being investigated, isn’t it? And so far, nothing implicating has been proven.

Isn’t criticizing politicians getting yourself politically involved? Not really. Getting involved is when you start fighting for someone or something—and you argue and debate against someone. I don’t do that. I just call attention to things I notice, that’s all. And I like being informed about current events, being a former journalist.

The thing is, I just enjoy the circus.

Sometimes, some idiot would not let you enjoy the circus. They feel they have the duty to police the posts people make on FB. They tell people what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s proper and improper. They think they’re some kind of agents of the Department of Online Rectitude or something. They’d even ask you to take down your post.

If someone wants to argue, ignore him. If he insists, block him. As simple as that. We all have our rights to post anything we want on our own FB wall, as long as it’s not porno or inciting rebellion against the government. Doesn’t FB ask us,  “What’s on your mind?” So, that’s exactly what we do. And we all have a right to it.

I often laugh out loud when I watch Senate or Congressional hearings, especially when some funny guy posts on FB something hilarious on them. Some people don’t. They’d rather take them seriously, not knowing what that does to their health eventually. There’s only one Person worth taking seriously, and that’s God—and even he often has a very strong sense of humor. Sometimes, I and God laugh out loud.

The same thing when I watch something on TV or a movie online. I always observe, analyze and criticize, laughing at the funny errors I see. Never get involved and then get angry. The thing is to always see something funny in everything. That makes your mind work and your emotions in good mood. And that works overall health.

I hear a lot of people say, “I don’t watch Senate hearings (or the news) because I only get upset.” Why let things like that affect you? If you keep doing it, you’d get so ignorant in the end and that wouldn’t be good for your mind health either. Be in control. You have to keep your mind active by analyzing and studying new concepts and ideas, which the Senate and the news have lots of each day. Then laugh at them. 😀


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