Stupid Ideas that Made Some Guys Rich

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HOPIA SOUP. When I read about them, they make me see more how life is unfair.

Here you are, trying to figure out a way to earn substantial money by treading where the wise millionaires walked, taking their formal advices, working hard, and taking hints from their stories.

And then this guy pops up somewhere getting rich just because he knew how to flatter people in position. Talk about stupid ideas that made some guys rich.

Often, earning awards and citations during graduations mean nothing. They’re good only as long as the graduation rite is on. After that, your medals and trophies often mean nothing when you’re out in the real world trying to make enough money. I tell you, there’s politics everywhere out there and often only the politically savvy makes it big-time.

Now, I don’t mean to dissuade anyone from pursuing awards and citations–go ahead, reach for a valedictorian or top-ten place in class. Sometimes it works. But lots of times, folks who were topnotch students in college would secretly approach me and ask why their no-placer classmate is now a successful businessman in some part of the world while they remain employees in an irrelevant government office here earning nothing but age and wrinkles?

And how did that no-placer guy get to be so rich? He went to the US by hook or by crook, first as an illegal alien and then, in the second attempt, with a fake marriage contract.

Lastly, he went there by hiding in a small space in the landing gear of the jumbo jet plane where he lost consciousness for hours due to high altitude and managed to land on the US alive and later avail of an Amnesty offer. Then he started a fishball business which ended up as a posh tourist restaurant–in fact he opened several branches across the US–all with the help of a compatriot governor in some state there. The so-called right connections. Crazy, huh?

Then they ask me, “Why can’t I get the same connections?” Then mentally I answer them, “Because you’re not sold out enough to stupid ideas just like me.”

Once in a while you have to listen to silly jokes or weird stuff to pick up fresh ideas that might work. Many times, when you see the usual things you’ve gotten used to in life suddenly failing one by one, it shocks you. Ordinarily, they used to always work. But now they don’t anymore. But you keep doing them anyway, because you’ve grown used to them. This too is vanity under the sun.

I hope someday my Hopia Soup would make me rich, too.

Break that habit periodically, and try checking out non-traditional ones. Even stupid ones. I hope you’d see some stupid ideas that made some guys rich–not to imitate them, but to consider how there are other alternative routes yet untraveled [but which are legit] and which might work for you. They’re hidden by God somewhere and you just have to look in places you haven’t looked in before.

I know lots more guys who tried stupid ideas–legit ones–and ended up so successful, like the guy who sold water to run engines. And the guy who blogged about foolish things and got rich. Or my neighbor who planted money in his backyard to “grow” them into bigger monetary denominations–and we all laughed at him–until we saw his huge dollar and Euro accounts in various international banks.

Then all my neighbors started planting their dollar and peso bills, too…


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