Apt Workouts on a Super Hot Day

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It’s hard to workout during very cold or very hot temperatures. But what’s harder is working out in super hot temperature, especially in summer. Like this summer.

The best thing to do is workout early in the morning or late in the afternoon. If working out at night suits you well, then do so. Just don’t workout late at night. But I’d rather you worked out early in the morning when the sun is still tame and friendly.

However, most of us do not have this luxury so we’re forced to workout after office hours. And on a hot summer day, 5 pm is often as hot as 2 or 3 pm.

Late wakers workout at 8 am or much later, which can easily exhaust them and cut short their working out period. So the best way is to sleep early at night and wake up early the next morning to workout.

What I do is take short but frequent workout breaks. Because I work at home online, I can manage to do this. Early in the morning, I may jog and/or do 2 to 4 sets of push-ups. Late in the morning, I may do 2 to 4 sets of squats. After my early afternoon nap, I may do some pull-ups. Late in the afternoon, I may do my martial arts training.

This way, I don’t get so exhausted even if it’s a super hot day.

It’s like taking short but frequent meals to lose weight.

But what if you have an office job?

I used to do this when I was still employed. I took short workout breaks right in the office. I did it in vacant rooms (like the conference room) doing some sets of push-ups and squats there. I also stretched and kicked. Then I walked a lot to my client’s places when I was in sales and marketing, and I often took the stairs.


For simple workouts you can do anywhere, you can get hints from my e-book, “My Simple Secrets to Fitness.” A lot of tips there are applicable in the office or school.

The simple and cheap equipment I suggest there are also easy to carry along if you have a car. If you don’t then simply follow the zero-equipment techniques.

Believe me, you’ve got to stay fit no matter what you’re doing in life. There’s nothing like being able to move quickly when you need to.

For more on my e-book, just click here.


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