How Colors Help You Understand Life Deeper

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A lot of life is just black or white. You don’t need to think much about them because black is black and white is white. You can’t remain neutral for long if the issue is just either black or white.

Like lying. No matter if it’s just a white lie, it’s still a lie just the same, though “white.” The “white” there is used to help you pretend there’s a neutral color that gives lying a tolerable look, or even right. Wrong is given a grey color so that people with right judgment are restrained or prohibited from giving a verdict.

Verdict? Do you really need to give verdicts? Well, not always, but on some occasions you do. You decide what’s right and do it and what’s wrong and avoid it.

Often, wrong is given power to prevail in gray areas—and almost everyone finds these areas comfortable to be in and love staying in them. And they want to color everything gray these days even on issues that are clearly just black or white.

Like annulment, divorce and adultery. They have painted these  things with subtle shades of gray so that even church pastors do not know right or wrong with these issues anymore. They wed folks who got a divorce from their former marriages even if their spouses are still living. They have blinded themselves to believe that this is now right, that somehow, God has changed his standard.

I even heard of a pastor who is received warmly by a senior pastor and his congregation to “serve God” in their church even if he has left his real wife and family and is now living with someone else.

But then again, some areas in life are not just plain black or white—and I’m referring to life instances where you have to see deeper to get to the bottom of truth, not on issues of right or wrong.

For instance, some people need to see you pause, close your eyes and speak long and poetic prayers before eating your meal. If they don’t see you do that, they conclude you’re not spiritual or you have a spiritual problem. Worse, your prayer cannot reach God. To them, life is simply black or white. If you don’t do what they expect, you’re wrong. If you don’t satisfy their standard then you’re in error.

I often pray short and simple prayers that don’t sound impressively spiritual. I love imitating Jesus and you can see for yourself in Scriptures that he prayed like that. He multiplied bread to feed thousands by simply looking up to heaven and giving thanks, for instance. As simple and short as that.

Now some “spiritual” folks see that and conclude that I am not spiritual (I love it each time it happens, actually 😀 ). To them, unless your prayer is poetic, flowery with sophisticated terms and long and time-consuming, you will never please God.

I’m fond of guns, not because I like killing people, but because I simply love guns. I love the art in gun skills and the craftsmanship in how they are made. Why? I don’t know. I believe God made me like that. And anyway, the bible never says loving weapons is sin. Almost all of God’s servants in the Old Testament had weapons and even Jesus hinted his disciples on carrying swords.

“…if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” [Luke 22]

I’m not saying owning weapons is a command from the Lord. I’m saying, the bible does not condemn it. So why should we?

Incidentally, I also love other weapons and how they are used artfully and systematically for defense. Other narrow-minded folks see this and decide that I’m a trouble maker and unspiritual. Well, I can also say that just because I guy sounds and looks spiritual and churchy, doesn’t necessarily mean he is in right standing with God. I know a lot who are not.

A lot of times, just because you see that a guy seems to represent black color, doesn’t necessarily follow he’s not representing white inside, and vice versa. And when right or wrong is the issue, life is often simply black or white.


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