Why Pinoys Always Flunk Politics

Image from: afscme.org

What I hated about Algebra was how our professor would always give us the same problems to solve; only he would present them in different forms with different details. We never realized it was the very same thing needing the same solution until after the exams when he would show us the correct answer and how he arrived at it.

It was always frustrating and I felt so dumb not to have figured out such a very simple thing. So I often flunked my Math subjects in college. But at least, taking a subject for 2 to 3 semesters lent you some kind of mastery in the end.

Unlike Philippine politics.

Since we started having elections in this country in 1935, we’ve been flunking politics and we never learn. We hear a lot of bold promises from candidates, promises that are not delivered after they win the seat (well, we sometimes do get a small percentage of what is promised—but which is barely enough, often nothing compared to the money lost to corruption, and then some unthinking electorate still glory in these “achievements” and become fanatical about them, even making the politician a “hero”).

Then the next time around, we again believe the next batch of bold promises from another politician who speaks and acts like a savior.

It’s the same trick and we always fall for it. One guy boldly opposes the present administration and vows to do better if elected to position. We get excited about him and support him like fanatics. After he wins, nothing happens. Then another critic rises and boldly condemns the present administration, promising the heavens and stars, and we willingly bite into it, sighing that finally, here’s a guy who is for us and who’d change everything to make the country prosper.

Again, nothing happens. It’s a stupid cycle that we never learn from. We always think someone different at last emerges and will save the day for us.

Well, wake up. It has never happened. They’re all the same. And we’re still a poor and weakling country where the majority struggles just to stay alive and just a tiny, miniscule minority gets richer each election.

As for me, I’ve stopped supporting candidates. The last I did was Cory Aquino. What happened after she sat in Malacanang was a big lesson to me. That’s when I realized they’re all the same, and they’ll always be the same. And after each election, I always prove myself correct.

I just quietly study candidates and pray for God’s guidance. I never openly support candidates anymore. I’ve quit going all-out for anyone and campaigning for this or that politician or engaging people in arguments about who should be elected. It’s a stupid thing to do, really. I see a lot of people still do that on Facebook (even pastors) and I grin, thinking “Unthinking flunkers.” When will they ever learn?

I just vote wisely, leave everything in God’s hand, and then become satisfied about whoever sits in power. At least, I didn’t make a fool of myself, willingly being used by politicians. And anyway, whoever is president, Jesus Christ remains Lord and King over all.


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