How 90 Percent of Ailments Can be Remedied by Drinking Water: Find Out What Ailments

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Folks come to me for free health advices. I’m not a medical doctor but I love reading about alternative medicine and am, in fact, a certified wellness consultant (certified by a top medical scientist in Manila). Besides, I’ve been researching on alternative health almost all my life.

And I found that almost all ailments can be prevented or remedied by simply drinking enough water daily (better if alkaline water, but tap water will do).

It’s that simple!

And yet very few seriously do it. You’d be astonished to find majority of people preferring everything else but pure water–iced or bottled tea, coffee, sodas and softdrinks, hydrating sports drinks, energy drinks, canned or powdered “fruit” juices, juices from vendo machines, shakes and other sweetened or flavored or fancy drinks which are often labeled “healthy” or fortified with this and that vitamin.

But most of them are the same drinks that put people’s health in jeopardy.

In fact, most people drink only 3 to 5 glasses of water a day. I’ve met guys who drank only a glass of water a day and then asked me, “You mean, it should be two?” No wonder a lot of people are sick today and need maintenance medicines. I drink 3 glasses of water first thing in the morning, 3 to 4 during the morning and one before lunch.

An hour after lunch time I drink 1 to 2 glasses. Then 3 glasses during the afternoon. One before dinner and one an hour after dinner.

Isn’t that too much? Wouldn’t that be “water overdose”?

Unless you have urinating problems (in which case a doctor should tell you how much water you can drink per day), your body doesn’t store water a long time. The body gets rid of water easily through urination and sweat each day. That’s why we need to drink water everyday. The water you drink today is often rid the same day.

Just drink lots of water daily. And the healthy recommendation is from 1.5  to 2 liters a day, or depending on your size, weight, activity and the prevailing temperature in your surroundings. Ask your physician about it, and make sure your physician knows a lot about water’s effect on health.

In a gist, water washes down harmful things that managed to slip through your body systems. Moreover, it re-hydrates the body without any added toxins. Admittedly, tap water undergoes filtering processes that involve small amounts of chemicals. But putting in additives like artificial coloring, flavoring, caffeine, acids and sugar makes it worse.

It’s ideal if you can drink fresh coconut water daily (coming straight from the coconut shell). If not, then tap water is good enough. Better if you drink 3 tall glasses of water first thing in the morning and then go on drinking from time to time the rest of the day.

Some ailments that can be remedied by water:

  1. Headaches. A lot of headaches and dizziness can be prevented with drinking enough water. Some people automatically link dizziness and headaches to high blood pressure and worry about it too much, ending up with a real high blood pressure. What I do is to get the BP reading. If it’s normal, I tell the person to relax, think about nice things while enjoying enough water. Then, to see his or her doctor immediately.
  2. HBP. High blood pressure can be prevented if you drink lots of water and live a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Diabetes and obesity can be easily prevented if you drink lots of water before eating meals. Water can make you eat less.
  4. Cancer is usually caused by toxins. Water can help flush out toxins.
  5. Cramps and sprains is prevented when drinking lots of water because water promotes lubrication of joints and muscle elasticity.
  6. Obviously, drinking enough water can prevent heat stroke.
  7. Moods are greatly enhanced by drinking water. I’ve proven this to be true. And we know that good moods fight stress, and stress causes a lot of deadly ailments, including cancer and heart problems. If you are always angry, drink lots of water.
  8. Inflammation. Gouts, arthritis and the like are caused by inflammation. Often, drinking enough water prevents them from happening. Some inflammations are caused by clogging or interruption in the smooth flow of blood by toxin build up.
  9. Fevers, colds and coughs are prevented or remedied more quickly if medication is aided with drinking lots of water.
  10. I know a guy who got rid of his TB with water therapy. And I know people who managed their heart conditions and blood pressures by water therapy and by drinking enough water daily, along with their prescription drugs.

Warnings: Though water is good for health, just drink warm, tap water. Very seldom drink cold or iced water. And avoid drinking water from plastic bottles, cups or any plastic containers. It’s best to use clear glass drinkwares.

Of course, these are just first aid remedies. You need to see your doctor to know what’s really going on. And this is NOT to say that just because you’re drinking enough water, you can now live an unhealthy lifestyle or eat or drink anything you like.

But often, getting your body’s needed daily water supply fixes everything. Everything is for a purpose–God didn’t make our bodies 60 percent water, our brains 70 percent water and our lungs 90 per cent water for nothing.


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