Don’t Get Trapped by Sure Formulas

“I’ve been doing this for years. It’s been like this for ages. There’s no other way to do it but this.”

It’s a trap many people find themselves in, and they just succumb to it. They just submit unquestioningly and then go that way for life. They study for years and decades and when finally they graduate or finish their post graduate studies (they have supposedly become smarter, right?), they’re faced with the trap and just surrender to it without a fight.

The usual ways–they’re more a trap than established, proven ways to success. People easily succumb to it because the trap offers great rewards, one of which is “success” in the eyes of most people. You submit to the usual ways and you most likely become well accepted, and that often means being materially well off. Fame. Recognition.

The usual ways are also said to be “sure formulas.” If you want to be successful at this or that, you do it this way. If done any other way, you lose–that’s besides being an idiot for choosing anything other than the sure proven formula. And sure enough, the sure formula has been proven time and again to work. There’s no question about it. The only question is the claim that it’s the one and only way or formula for success.

Taking the stairs used to be the one and only sure formula to get up to the upper floors. There was no other way. Using ropes or ramps was idiotic especially if you wanted to reach the 10th floor or higher. But then some idiot invented the escalator and then the elevator to prove that taking the stairs was not the one and only sure formula.

Don’t let other people tell you what success is. Follow the passion God put in your heart.

Flying used to be the domain of birds and bats. No one in his right mind would argue against that. But then the Wright Brothers came up with the silly idea of humans flying, and today riding planes has become a very ordinary thing.

Most of us are just passive fence sitters waiting for individuals who’d dare skip traditional ways and hack new and better (and shorter) paths toward the same goal. Even thinking of “shorter” paths to goals makes us very nervous and say “there are no shortcuts to success.” When in fact, trendsetters have been making shortcuts to make things easier (like escalators and elevators), and when they’ve proven their shortcuts work, we just passively follow them. Hypocrites! We’re all just comfy with being trapped in sure formulas and never dare go far from them–until one daring guy proves us wrong.

Why not be that guy? Why not be that “idiot”?

If you have a new idea (even a weird or “stupid” one) and you see how it’d work in your imagination, and you’re all set to do it–but then some smart Aleck or people block your way and warn you of terrible failure because you’d do it contrary to the accepted norm–ignore them and pursue your imagination. All trendsetters started with some absurd idea and daring and continued with perseverance. It all starts with imagination.

Anyway, success is subjective. Some may see me a failure but my heart may tell me something entirely different. To the world, Jesus failed, abandoned by his disciples and battered on the cross. All his church “members” left him except a few women and John. But in the eyes of the Father, he succeeded. Don’t let other people tell you what success is. Follow the passion God put in your heart.


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