Our Adventurous City Trek [3]

Aling Leoning’s along Short Horn Road, Project 8, QC.

Here’s Part 2

So we waited for him.

It was so hot that we decided to go inside the nearby Mercury Drug and enjoy the air-conditioning. So our stay there won’t be too much of a bother to Mercury, we bought Summit bottled water and a pack of hopia–which tasted really good. After finishing them in a corner, we decided to go out and check the small lab shop again. The technician still wasn’t there. Instead, a shop staff decided to give a slight demo of the machine.

We asked a lot of questions about the device that obviously confused the poor guy. He was sweating all over while I and my wife were enjoying it all. Then finally the “technician” arrived. I was expecting someone looking techie in overalls, with shades, tool box, and a smart-aleck look–like the way they looked in the movies. But this guy was just in casual homey sando and shorts and looking like he just woke up. Later we learned he did.

He obviously looked guilty for being so late for the appointment and talked very formally and nervously. He started with the demo and we again started asking questions. My wife is better at this than I am, so she made most of the interruptions. Later, the technician did a simulation using the simulator box. Nope, my wife wouldn’t settle for simulator boxes. She wanted a live human body. So, the technician took off his sando right there and then and used his body for the demo. He placed the buttons on his chest and anchored the clamps on his wrists and ankles. He showed us how everything was done, what the parts were called, and how the machine was operated. Then the paper roll started moving and recording his heart readings.

Then, I carefully checked the readings (as if I knew how) and said, “Tsk, tsk tsk!” The technician said nothing but looked worried. I looked at the readings again and seriously said, “Tsk, tsk, tsk, your heart is really in bad shape. You’re probably too stressed out. You need to take a rest!”

The technician still looked serious and bothered by my remark, but saying nothing, probably wondering if I were a real doctor. If I were, then it meant he was in serious health trouble. My wife was trying to control her laughter.

But then, my stomach started having trouble. I felt a serious urge to use the comfort room, so I left the demo scene and went straight to the CR at the back. I was relieved to see a clean toilet and ample supply of water with matching soap. I was confident to release the “burden” I felt inside me. I locked the door and sat comfortably. Aahh!

From the comfort room, I heard my wife still bombarding the technician with questions. I knew she knew where I was, so she was buying time for me. Later, she told me that she was running out of questions and was wondering how long I’d be in the CR.

Inside Aling Leoning’s, Project 8, QC.

At last, the worst was over. I washed and went out. As I returned to the demo scene, the technician was just about finished. I said, “Aha, so you’re done. May I ask a question?” He smiled at me politely. I took that as a yes. So, I asked, “Umm, will you please do the entire demo again? I missed a lot of details.” Then I smiled and said, “Joke!”

That was when he managed a smile and showed his teeth. He seemed a bit relaxed now and answered a few more of our question livelier this time. Then my wife paid for the machine and we went off.

We took an LRT train to Monumento and fortunately found a seat. The air-conditioning was a bit strong, too. We reminisced the times when we were yet sweethearts and we had often visited  her aunt near the Abad Santos Station. We talked about it like it was only yesterday.

But then, a station before Monumento, the train system bogged down. My wife felt a strange impulse and told me we should get out of the train, NOW!

I believed in my wife’s intuition, so we got out and took the stairs down. We decided to just take a public jeep to Monumento to be safe. Later, we learned from the news that two LRT trains had a slight collision earlier that day. The Lord saved us.

We took a cab to Project 8 and earlier, we had decided to eat our late lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in the area–Aling Lenoning’s. We got there at past 2 in the afternoon and ordered the following:

  • A large bowl of chopped suey for me
  • A good bowl of bistek Tagalog for her
  • Soup
  • A large bowl of halo-halo topped with ice cream which we shared

I told you earlier in this article (first part) that we had a romantic late lunch. That was because we shared the bowl of halo-halo. All through the trip, I and my wife had so much fun, laughter, and adventure together. That’s how we live.


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