What it Feels Like Being 55

10262173_781890311860056_2281700189853231192_nIn a way it’s both an accomplishment and some kind of a forfeiture. Accomplishment because, by God’s grace, you reached the age in very good health and fitness. Here I am, 55 and yet athletic and fit like a 25-year-old. I’m not overweight, my tummy doesn’t protrude (in fact I have some traces of muscled abs), my blood chem is normal, I feel strong and still move nimbly. Just don’t ask me about my hair.

Oh, I have a full head of hair, only the color is white.

But it’s some sort of forfeiture because I should have done a lot more but was too limited to do so. Sigh! There were a lot of things I wanted to do and a lot more I aim to do.

I never thought I’d be this age. I mean, I thought I’d remain 25 or 30. When you’re young you often think like that. When I was 25 I saw middle aged men and called them “old.” Now I’m 55, but I can’t call myself old. I’m no longer young, but I’m not old. Yeah, I have grey hair, but that doesn’t automatically mean I’m so old.

Of course, I no longer act as if I were still young. Lots of people my age have that weakness–they insist that they still look young and even act like teenagers. Worse, some even flirt or make advances at young women. I’m mature enough to see and know that I should act my age. I’m a joker and I love laughing a lot, but I’m sensitive about serious matters and the times when formality is needed (though I’m often naturally informal and casual). I always know my proper place.

My Vow

At 55, I make my vows of maturity and wisdom more pronounced. By God’s grace, I don’t want to grow rotten, difficult and old. I aim to age gracefully with a character and maturity that manifest Jesus Christ. I aim to be more broad-minded as I age, more mature in attitude, healthier and fitter (spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially), meeker and simpler as I seek more success in life, quieter though loving humor more, and more careful about how I treat people of humble station in life.

At 55, I’m more optimistic about spiritual and Kingdomly matters and pessimistic about anything of this world.

And I’m more bullheaded about having nothing to do with religion, whatsoever.

I want to age like top quality wine for God. I want to advance in glory as God does. All this only by God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit in me.

At 55, I’m more optimistic about spiritual and Kingdomly matters and pessimistic about anything of this world. I get more vivid images of how ugly and hopeless the world is and how all that should be replaced by God’s Kingdom on earth. I am more dependent on God’s WORD and cannot imagine life without it. Actually, I’m in tighter situations now, especially where finances are concerned, but strangely I seem to be more positive amid adversities.

May God bless me more with His presence, power, and will, for Christ’s sake.


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