54 and Still Learning a Lot


When you’ve been a good listener all your life, you learn a lot. Often, I love just listening to people than talking to them. Even now at 54, I still prefer it this way. Well, at times I also talk a bit at length–in fact I lead bible studies and am invited to speak in churches now and then. But even in these cases, I prefer short talks. I hate prolonging a talk just to cover for time. So I like listening to short talks, too, than winding, circuitous and tortuous talks that amount to nothing.

You get more by listening. At 54, I still learn a lot.

Aside from reading a lot, I listen a lot. Modesty aside, you’d seldom find men my age who still listen. In fact, I’d be mentored on blogging and ebook writing and marketing by a very young Filipino guy who’s not even a good writer. Believe it or not, I’m willing to sit down and listen to this guy. I’m definitely lots better than he is at writing but, you’d probably wonder,  why would I waste my time with him? And don’t get me wrong–I know who to listen to. Lots of times, I don’t listen to “experts.” I hear them out and respect them, but never listen to them–because I don’t want to catch their haughty spirits.

By the way, this young mentoring guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to blogging and marketing. And I kinda like his style–straightforward but not too superior. Well, he has an air of authority about him–and rightly at that–but he keeps his feet on the ground. Moreover, I can find no other guy in this country who speaks informatively on the subject–the rest are just public speaking salesmen. Worse, others are arm-twisters, hard-sellers, or plain crooks.

There are some guys who do webinars that bore you to death. They shouldn’t be doing them at all. They’re wasting people’s time and money. They speak too slow like their minds keep downloading before they could form ideas and words and they talk mostly nonsense. What they talked about last week they merely repeat this week. And mostly they don’t do webinars–what they do is bore you and then sell you stuff.

But I really have a teachable heart despite my critical spirit. They say a critical spirit is bad. They insist that you should always find something beautiful in what people say and focus on it. Well, if you do that, you’d always fall victim to scammers and fakes. No wonder a lot of people get scammed today, even in church–they see only the beautiful and positive side of things. That’s narrow-mindedness. That’s also stupid. I like to always find out the truth.

And to get at truth, you should always honestly reflect, weigh, question, and question again.

I’m a willing learner, but I make sure I listen only to people who have the truth on things–not those who simply want to impose their wills on you.


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