I Went to God’s Clinic


God runs big medical centers but he also maintains small clinics everywhere. And they’re all supernatural. No synthetic drug or placebo is given to patients there, and definitely nothing that has side effects is used. One day, God allowed me entry into his clinic. You probably won’t believe it.

There was this young teenage girl confined at the San Lazaro Hospital in Manila. We didn’t know her personally–we just heard the story that the doctors had given up on her leukemia and was given 2 months to live. She was sent home to Mindanao to just wait for her death. I and my wife visited her and asked if she and her dad would allow us to pray for healing. They agreed and assured us they believed in it, too.

So, I first shared to her the Gospel and she received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Then I prayed for healing and we went home. After 6 months, we heard news that she was well in Mindanao and doing house chores. After 2 years we heard from her again and learned that she was enjoying normal health and working as a factory worker. This was my first “visit” to God’s clinic.

Then there was this young lady who threw up blood due to TB. She was brought to San Lazaro Hospital to be x-rayed. The doctors confirmed that she had TB so her brother–my friend–immediately called me up for prayer. I said a simple prayer in Jesus’ Name and hung up. Right after, the doctor did a second X-ray and was astounded by the result–there was absolutely no trace of TB! In fact, the doctor said she could go home that instant.

Then there was my mom. She was lying in bed with high fever one night when we visited her. Then I prayed for her and anointed her with oil in Jesus’ Name. While touching her forehead, I felt it go from very hot to cold, on the spot! The fever was instantly gone and she immediately got up from bed and served us food on the dining table. Then I remembered what Jesus did to Peter’s mother-in-law.

There are other stories, dozens of them, proofs shown me that God’s clinic can be accessed even in our modern times, and you can go back to it anytime you need supernatural healing. It’s absolutely free. Anyone who truly believes can visit it and get treatment and supernatural remedies. There are times I also visit God’s medical centers but his clinics are sufficient, especially if you’re in a hurry. They’re just around the corner or one or two steps away.


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