Lose Weight with God and Science?

5524f257782c5Probably for the first time, God and Science won’t contradict each other. Actually, I don’t know how Science can contradict its Creator. Only man pits them against each other, though science gradually reveals it’s true Master. Anyway, how about the prospects of losing weight with God and science? It’s been there in the bible and health and science textbooks for years but I guess no one’s been paying attention. We’ve been looking elsewhere though the answers have been there even before time began.

Once you take for yourself what solely belongs to God, you start a serious problem. God has clearly indicated that “All the fat is the Lord’s,” [Leviticus 3.16]. Now, you take the fat for yourself and you open Pandora’s Box–and it’s been open for a long time. Now, it’s not coincidence that among key secrets to health and fitness has been keeping away from fatty food, says health and science. It’s clear that they are connected–what God and science say about health and even weight loss.

The bible has been militating for vegan diets since Genesis [Genesis 1.29]: “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” Later, God allowed man to eat meat and fish, but with vital health guidelines. Much later, medical health experts also echoed what God had already declared in his Word, though medical experts stated them in medical parlance and with considerable delay. God has always been on time.

So what I did was collect passages from God’s Word on health and weight loss, put them in an e-book, and showed how medical health and science agreed with them through what health doctors and experts say. I’ve even put in some important health tips that I’ve proven effective (I’ve been a fitness instructor for years as I also have been teaching martial arts as a 5th dan blackbelt). Thus, with God and science on your side, how can you fail?

You have to have moral boosts with your weight loss program. And what can be a more effective encouragement than God’s Word? As you stick to your weight loss program, meditate the bible principles related to health and fitness plus some health science principles related to them and you get a mindset boost that complements your workout goals. In any endeavor, we need sound principles and slogans to keep us going. They battle against negative thoughts in our minds that run counter to our objectives. I think nothing beats God’s Word and health principles in this respect.

To buy my e-book, simply refer to “Links” on the sidebar of this blog and click on Lose Weight with God and Science. Pay through Paypal and you will be immediately brought to our Expert Builder page where you find a download button for getting your PDF copy of the e-book.


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