Earning a Little Extra Online Isn’t a Bad Idea

Ways to Earn Online EBook COVERFirst of all, I hate anything that involves recruiting or selling. I just want to live a quiet, simply life. Okay? You get me? Now, are you ready for this?

Since the Internet is already here–and it opens a wide door of new opportunities for everyone–why not use it to your advantage in a lucrative way? Just look–companies big and small are using it to sell products, promote themselves, and hire the best employees. Churches and civic organizations use it for their campaigns and to seek donors. Don’t you think it’s time that you also benefit from it by earning a little extra, aside from making new friends on social sites?

The first time I heard about the possibility of earning a little extra online, I was excited. I was then beginning to get bored of doing jobs (which never paid me enough) and wanted to try something different (that paid me well). I wanted to earn money at the same time that I could spend more time with my family and do the things I really loved–like reading and writing books. Was it possible to stay home and make a living there, too? Well, the Internet opened that possibility. So I began the adventure.

At first I looked for ways I could make money without spending a cent. By God’s leading, I found several ways and started earning money. Would you believe that at the time, I earned P9,000 per 15 days? I was at home doing articles and making money. But the problem was, I earned from the articles I wrote only once. The moment a client bought the article, that was it. You made money on it only once. Then you have to make another one. I wanted something that would make me money continuously with one article. Was that possible?

In my researches, I found out it was possible to make money continuously with one article. If you had 100 articles making money continuously, that would make a fortune! In fact, several guys I knew online had that livelihood and they called it a business. They earned what they called “residual income,” an income that goes on and on. Your articles made money while you were asleep, on vacation, sick, or even if you have forgotten all about them already.

But what if you weren’t a writer? Well, these guys said you didn’t have to be a good writer to earn from this business. What you had to have was a passion for something. Do you have a passion for something? Then this business is for you. With more researches and hundreds of tries (and investments), I finally understood what it was all about. Then I started earning a little extra online.

You can start for free as I did, but if you want a growing income and one that is residual, you need to invest. For instance, you need at least one blog site of your own–a paid one. You may use several free ones, but do get a paid one. Also, you need more knowledge. After all, it’s a real business done online.

And there are several ways how to do it. You may choose one or do them all. I made an e-book of it titled, Ways to Earn Income Online. It includes the following:

  • Blogging
  • Content writing
  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email list building
  • E-books
  • How to write well even if you’re not a writer

I give 7 tips on how to earn income online–7 things that professionals who earn huge incomes online also do. Things I learned from my mentors. And it’s only for $8.00. To buy, just click on Ways to Earn Income Online on “Links” on the right sidebar and pay the amount through Paypal. After paying, Paypal will direct you to my Expert Builder blog where you find a download button. Click it to get your PDF copy of the e-book immediately.


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