Was He an Angel?


There was this kid who was in grade 5 attending St. Patrick School near his home. He just left home for school and was walking along their street. It was deserted then, being noon time when the hot sun was right above him and during which time no one wanted to be in the streets.  But there was this old beggar going house to house, ignoring the hot noonday sun, asking for money or food. He met him and gave him a nod. As he passed him by the kid heard doors and gates banging shut on the beggar and people inside the houses mocking and laughing at him.

The kid felt sad and decided to go back and give the beggar his whole allowance for the day, which was 25 cents. The old beggar looked very delighted and grateful as he took the money. The boy smiled and left, went on his way to school. But he felt the urge to give the beggar more so just after a few seconds he decide to go back home and look for some more change. He expected to see the beggar again–after all, he just left him a few seconds ago. But to the kid’s surprise, the old beggar was nowhere.

The street was a long one so the beggar had no way of immediately walking the whole length and out of sight and turning to other streets in just a few seconds. He was old and moved slowly. The boy wondered–where did the old beggar go? He walked to check out several houses to see if the beggar had been let in, but he saw no one. Again, he asked himself–how could the old man suddenly disappear?

Later in his life, the boy remembered the incident and wondered–was the old beggar actually an angel disguised as an old man? He had heard of stories of angels appearing in disguise to test the hearts of men. Could he had met an angel who tested what was in his and his neighbors’ hearts?


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