A Little City Summer Adventure with My Wife


Yesterday I accompanied my wife to the US Embassy along Roxas Boulevard in Manila to submit her job application. It was a long walk from the UN Avenue LRT Station under the hot summer sun. Fortunately, there are parts of UN Avenue covered in the shades of huge trees but later we decided to take a pedicab. While walking, I watched people walking past us and with us, each of them going to a particular destination, probably for an appointment. Most of them seemed in deep thoughts and a lot of them were alarmed at my stares.

Halfway, we decided to take a pedicab for P40. My wife’s bag had huge books that were beginning to get heavy as we walked, so we rode theĀ pedicab to make the journey fun rather than punishment. Everything should be fun adventure to eliminate unwanted stress. We just want stress from excitement.

When we reached the traffic light I saw a Chowking outlet and mentioned how a tall glass of halo-halo would be fitting snack right after my wife’s business at the embassy, and she immediately bought the idea! So we crossed Roxas Boulevard and talked to the guards. After a while they let my wife in and within seconds she was out again. “That fast?” I asked her. She nodded, smiling. “So that means we proceed to plan B—Oplan Chowking!” I told myself.

At Chowking we reminisced the times we had eaten there after doing some business at the US Embassy when we were just sweethearts, and later, when I was yet a Nazarene pastor. We laughed recalling those times while enjoying the soothing coolness of Milky White Halo-Halo, and after getting a terrible dose of summer heat outside. Two big guys near us ordered taller glasses of halo-halo with a big scoop of ice cream on top. Wow! They looked tempting but I decided we couldn’t finish something that big.

Later we went out to walk back to UN LRT startion and passed by TM Kalaw where we saw a 7-11 outlet and where the tuna sandwich with egg was inviting. It turned out it was tuna siopao. After a snack there we passed by Luneta Hotel–a historical site that used to be abandoned but now restored and made into a grand hotel. It was built in 1918. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my cheap camera.

We turned into an alley and went out to busy UN Avenue again. Passing by the old Philam Life building, we felt sorry seeing its poorly maintained state. It looked almost abandoned. To think that when we were tots, the building used to be among top structures on that avenue. Finally, we were in the LRT station and got a ride fast. After taking a nap we were soon at the Munoz LRT station and did some business at Walter Mart.

What a great mini summer adventure with the wife!


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