Why Your Things Get Lost When You Need Them


Just when you need them most, they’re suddenly nowhere. You look for them in all places but they simply disappeared. Then, when you don’t need them anymore, you see them a lot, as if saying, “Hey! We’re here!” So one day I tried to ponder on it and this was what I found out.

They’re alive. And they’re out to drive us mad and test our character.

So be careful what stuff you buy–your pens, nail cutter, eyeglasses, keys, dentures, and coin purse, to name a few. Some brands are alive and they move about and hide when you’re not looking. Before buying things, test them first. Here are tips how.

When buying pens, make sure you choose the ones at the bottom because those on top didn’t get there by accident. They moved and climbed on top to get some fresh air, because they actually breathe. They time it when nobody is looking. Then they move and roll themselves upward till they get to the top. And if you’re not a careful buyer, you’re apt to get them and take them home. And that’s a big mistake.

When buying eyeglasses, choose those (again) on the bottom shelves–because the ones on the top shelves climbed up there. They notice how most buyers prefer buying eyeglasses displayed on the top shelves so they determine to climb up there and push the ones there down to the bottom. I know it because I actually saw one pair of eyeglasses “push” another to make it fall down. But luckily for the buyer, he chose the one that fell.

Later on, however, I discovered how wrong I was–and so was the buyer–in thinking that the eyeglasses that fell was inanimate. It was actually the live one and pretended to have been pushed by the other which was really the inanimate object. A victim of mistaken identity.

Now, why these live stuff? They’re here to test our characters. And the game plan is simple–after we buy and take them home, they hide themselves just when we need them most. When you have guests suddenly visiting you and you need to have your dentures placed before facing them, your dentures hide. So with your keys–just when you’re so late for work and need to leave pronto in your car, they run and hide–and they even giggle doing it.

Now, when you have trained your emotions to be under your control and the disappearing acts don’t bother you anymore, these live objects cease to live. They become inanimate. But the more they drive you mad, the more they get livelier and even transfer life to inanimate objects around them.

So beware. By the way, where did my keyboard go? It was here a moment….


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